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Ep 068: How To Move Mountains In Your Business with Bobby Klinck

March 5, 2019 Bobby Klinck

Being focused on perfection has a way of making people go through too many rounds of edits rather than just getting stuff out there. This week, I’ll be diving into what it means to sidestep the perfectionism trap and take massive action that is often scary but usually exactly what your business needs to thrive. If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, maybe after taking many courses and accumulating tons of information, this episode will get you moving.

My goal is to convince you to follow my lead and overcome the biggest mindset block that prevents entrepreneurs from success and get stuff done. You will learn about the most important things to focus on (or not focus on) in order to launch your business, products and content consistently and efficiently. This episode is a big reality check that will hopefully help you reframe the situation you’re in and move forward.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The importance of being willing to take massive action – repeatedly.
  • The first thing you need to stop doing in order to avoid paralysis and get moving.
  • How to apply the brutal truth that there is no perfect solution.
  • A word on the ‘grammar Nazis’ and how to deal with worries of mistakes.
  • The concept of minimum viable product from the tech world and how we can learn from that.
  • Why you should be treating your business as if you were a scientist experimenting.
  • How to truly get as close to perfection as possible.
  • The importance of tracking and looking at your numbers.
  • Examples from my own launches.
  • Why we have to be willing to embrace failure.
  • Some of my failures that we can all learn from.