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BOMU Questions

What is BADA$$ Online Marketing University™?

BADA$$ Online Marketing University™ (BOMU) is a free online program designed to teach you the skills you need to build your online business! BOMU is made up of many different courses covering topics like basic online marketing, how to write marketing emails that your audience actually wants to read, how to manage your business finances, and how to create on-brand messaging that’ll attract the right customers every time!

And while it may be free, it isn’t cheap. These courses were created with the same care and attention as courses that would regularly cost you thousands. And because we actually want you to learn something that will help your business grow, we’ve baked in incentive to complete each course with our earned points system!

The foundational courses (Online Marketing, Online Legal & Online Financial) are your core prerequisites to help you build the foundation for your online business. Complete the final exams to earn your points. An exam? Yep, we want to make sure you are actually learning something to implement in your business. Don’t worry, these exams aren’t meant to trick you. They’re designed to help you learn… and have fun! 😉

Once you complete one of the prerequisites you’ll earn points to redeem towards another course of your choice. Take a few courses… or all of them! Complete a course to keep going. The only investment you need to make is in your commitment to learning!

Not yet a BOMU Student?

Errrr… why not! Enroll in our totally FREE training university here.

I need help logging into BOMU!

Head to our membership platform to login here. Can’t remember your login credentials… try Snappy Login Link on the login page. It’ll automagically send you a link that will log you in! And feel free to email

Where can I give my feedback about BOMU?

Glad you asked! My team and I want to hear what you think about the courses in BOMU and hear how we can improve! Fill out this form!

Bobby Questions

Do you offer 1:1 consulting services?

While Bobby does not offer 1:1 consulting services, he does offer 1:1 VIP business coaching intensives. If you are interested in getting more information, reach out to!

I love your products, can I become an affiliate?

Awesome! We’d love for you to partner with us to help business owners protect their businesses! Apply as an affiliate right here.

Can you offer training for my coaching/membership group?

Serving groups of people is my jam. Please email me at to see how we can work together!

Where can I connect with Bobby?

Contrary to what some online gurus might suggest, I still enjoy connecting with my people. Join my free group BADA$$ Online Marketers where I like to hang out, have conversations, and answer questions on the regular!