How to Build an Online Business Selling What You Know

How to Build an Online Business Selling What You Know

0 shares Knowledge brand? You? Well, there’s a good chance that you are if the primary commodity in your online business is what’s in your head (read: expertise, know-how, knowledge, etc.). At the risk of sounding like a broken record (yeah, I say this a lot)… no, you cannot build your online business by following […]

Two Essential Factors of a Personalized Customer Experience

Personalizing the customer experience is essential right now in order to stand out from the competition. Yes, it may feel like an unscalable thing to incorporate into your customer experience strategy, but ignoring this important aspect of your customer’s overall experience with your brand could be hurting you in the long run… especially during a […]

How to Create Stellar Customer Experience AFTER Your Customer Buys

Much of the customer experience is focused on attracting prospective customers, generating leads, and converting them. But let me tell you that how you provide service after sales can be even more powerful to help you retain and create repeat customers. How do you make sure you keep your customers happy after they purchase? Your […]

How to Create A Customer Experience That Keeps Them Coming Back

When it comes to customer experience, a lot of businesses don’t think about their brand avatar. But it’s an important aspect of building a business, particularly a knowledge brand. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably heard about customer personas or customer avatars, but that’s about it. Probably. So, I’m here to tell you that just like […]