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The One Secret You Need to Ignite Your Online Business

You're probably wondering what the secret is. Shhh. Promise not to tell anyone? The secret is this: THERE IS NO SECRET. Let me explain what I mean...

You’ve probably heard plenty of people say that they have the secret to building a highly successful online business, and they’ll share it with you for some ridiculous amount of money.

But I’m gonna give it to you straight here: those people are wrong, and you shouldn’t listen to them. 

Instead, I’m gonna share the secret with you, absolutely free, no opt-in required.

Here’s the secret: there’s no freakin’ secret. Seriously, there’s no secret, so stop looking for one.

People don’t want to tell you that because they want to make you believe they’ve got the thing that’s missing in your business so you’ll pay them a lot of money.

But there’s no secret. There’s no ninja tactic or secret strategy that’s hidden away from the public.

Doing The Basics Right

While there’s no secret to success, what will make your online business successful is doing the basics right.

If you want to build a business that will be thriving, sustainable, and not at risk, you need to do the basics right. But maybe you’re wondering what that means.

1. Build your expertise

Some people would say that you don’t really need expertise to build an online business. But the truth is you do.

You need expertise in solving a problem that people want help solving. You also need to be willing to put in the time to get that expertise. For example, if you want to be a copywriter and sell services copywriting, great! Become an expert at copywriting.

Build your expertise and get damn good at what you do.

2. Know your audience

In addition to knowing your stuff, you need to know your audience. That means figuring out what they want, what they need, the language they use, and their challenges. You need to know what’s keeping them stuck and where you can help them.

It will take time to do this right. Too many people want to rush past this step and not put in the effort to build an audience when they’re starting their online business. That’s BS. If you want to build a successful online business, you need to take time to get to know your audience.

3. Dial-in your messaging

Your messaging is critically important and not enough people spend time on this. If you’re struggling to sell and get people in your world, it’s probably your messaging. And that means you probably don’t know your audience well enough.

When you truly understand your audience, you can speak to them at a level that makes them say, “Yes, this person really does have some secret.” Your messaging should speak to what your audience is thinking and feeling.

4. Create solutions

You should also be willing to put in the work to create solutions for your people. I’m not talking about paid solutions alone. You should also be creating content that helps people take the next step so that they’re ready to pay you money. It also often means creating blog content, YouTube content, or a podcast, that can really help people along the way.

5. Connect with your audience

You need to spend the time emailing your audience and starting conversations when you’re on social media. Don’t just post and go. Post and engage—that’s the real work.

Stop Chasing Secrets And Start Building

Stop looking for secrets. There’s no one software or step-by-step blueprint that’s gonna solve your problem. 

Building a successful online business is about doing the basics right. You’ve gotta be willing to serve the living crap out of your audience through free content and paid content and everything in between. It’s not a secret. It’s what successful businesses have been doing for ages.

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